Golden Jet Trade Pvt. Ltd (Company Registration No: C-11/85) Established in 1985, a relatively small business then is now the leading supplier of quality Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Water sports and Swimming equipment in the Republic of Maldives. Providing quality scuba diving wetsuits in all sizes, Scuba Diving fins or Flippers to Scuba Diving, Snorkeling gear and water sport knives and accessories.

Our Scuba Diving equipment is ideal for all levels and skills of divers. Everybody from the entry level diver or the water sports beginner to scuba diving Instructors and water sport professionals are attracted by our competitive prices, reliability and no-nonsense brands of our products. We offer both adults and juniors ranges of Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Water sports and Swimming products that do not cost you an arm and a leg.

Controlling approximately 75% of the local retail and wholesale dive market, we have enormous confidence is our equipment, all supplied with comprehensive guarantee. Our market share is further detailed in the annex to this document headed ‘Our Market share’

In order to enhance the company’s trade activities Golden Jet Trade Pvt. Ltd had ventured into its new business in the year 2005. Targeting the tourism sector, the new souvenir business has become one of the most flourishing commercial segments of the company. Our souvenir Shop is locally the renowned souvenir dealer, selling quality local handicraft items, garments, gifts …

Our capabilities and strengths combined with strategic policies we have adhered to have not only enabled us to sustain ourselves in this highly competitive market but also have enabled us to achieve greater success paving further way for constant growth of the business attributable to relationships with people knowledge, experience, and inevitably, our choice of brands.

Our mission

Our company’s mission is to sell quality products, of internationally known Brands, in the Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Water sports and Swimming Equipment and to excel in the local market as the No.1 quality equipment and service provider. Aside from that, it is our mission to make available, diving products that are customer-friendly and more affordable.
At Golden Jet Trade Pvt. Ltd, our aim is to provide the best quality scuba equipment (the Products of Excellence) to retailer’s nationwide, with product differentiation, market segmentation combined with excellence in customer service, as the guiding principles of our business development. The company will develop a premium position in the market and will build up on a loyal distribution through professional retail outlets throughout the Maldives.

Our management

Golden Jet Trade Pvt. Ltd, is a company that was formed, 1985 in Male’ by Mr. Moosa Ahmed, who is now the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Golden Jet Trade Pvt. Ltd, and also the Managing Director of the company. Mr.Moosa Ahmed is the mastermind behind the business that was originally started as a sole proprietorship at a very small scale and now grown to control approximately 75% of the market for supply of dive and dive related equipment in the Maldives. What he was looking for was a business that would constantly challenge him. The Chairman / Managing Director’s hard work and commitment to the business has made the once small business into a now well respected and larger operation servicing a large part of the market.

Mr.Moosa Ahmed is closely assisted and supported by Mr. Mohamed Majid (son of Mr. Moosa Ahmed) who is performing the role of Managing Director. Mr.Majid ensures that the corporative objectives are met while meeting the expectation of their valuable customers. The management of the company is laid down as follows.


Golden Jet Trade Pvt. Ltd. is a family owned business and employs 12 people, most of who are with an excellent background knowledge and experience of the international and Maldivian Dive market. Our Technicians are fully qualified and receive up-to-date training on all the new products as and when required. To meet the most crucial needs of end-users and the market at large, members of our strong sales team are prepared to respond and deliver services in the most appropriate manner. In general, being the greatest asset of our company, all our people, from the technically qualified to our delivery man are properly trained and make sure that they work as a fine team to accomplish our company’s mission.


Our company has an excellent location as its Office/Showroom: in Male’, the capital of Maldives, our Showrooms and Office is located only about 50m from the quay side; the landing area in the Male North Harbor the hub of the tourist area. Our dealers, in the rest of the island, are also well located either in the busy tourist areas or in the main commercial centers of Male’.